TRIS supplies excellent quality of Seamless BA tubes.
TRIS provides diverse Nickel steel grade tubes such as 316/316L,
Duplex (UNS S31804 / S32750) and UNS N 06625 (Inconel 625) etc.
with straight and longer length coiled Tubes.

Available with a high quality, reasonable price,
short lead time and small quantity requests.
TRIS is an innovative company who understand trust and responsibility.
We have 28 years of experience and expertise.

Professional company with 28 years history of business and the outstanding experts
All of our departments are arranged for customer satisfaction.
All teams of the company are in alignment for customer satisfaction.

Mission Value Working Principles


TRIS exists for the industrial development of mankind
and the happiness of its members.
As a professional company of precise stainless steel tubes, TRIS has been working with leading companies in semiconductor, automotive, energy, medical and etc. for the industrial development of Korea and mankind almost 30 years.

TRIS will further develop our role in the global market by becoming an essential company for the advancement of human life and civilization.

TRIS Value

TRIS set the four core values of Trust, Responsibility, Innovation, and Strength
as the criteria for organizations and members to work and act.
The four core values are the success DNA that TRIS needs to achieve its mission,
and are also a promise to the customer.
Trust honest words, cooperation and teamwork
Responsibility Agile response, good quality/delivery
Innovation Differentiate by challenge, failure, reform
Strength Realize performance, increase competitiveness

Working Principles

Quality Principles

Environmental Principles

TRIS Tube Co., Ltd   

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