The new employee Woo Jung-min asks
and CEO Lim Kook-jin answers.

What is the most strong point of TRIS?
TRIS is available to produce various seamless BA Tubes with high quality for customer needs. TRIS can supply the products for Semi-conductor, Automotive, Petrochemical, Oil&Gas and Medical industries, not only straight tubes but also longer length of coiled tube with wide range of steel grades.
What is the most proud in TRIS?
Technical capabilities and Fast responding. TRIS solves a problem together with related teams in concentration to meet the required schedule of delivery and to develop a new product.
What value does TRIS consider important?
The values of TRIS are also our promise to our customers. Trust, Responsibility, Innovation, and Strength. These are our motivation and our belief.
What kind of future is TRIS headed for?
TRIS is a company which has the root technology of Metal forming. TRIS would like to contribute industrial development of the world with supplying high quality seamless tubes as representative of Korea. TRIS wants to be Top 4 of professional brand in Global.
What do you want to say to customers?
TRIS would like to be the best partner and supplier able to meet customer’s needs. If you want to try new challenges, TRIS would like to be together.

TRIS Tube Co., Ltd   

(11300) 21, Seungjeon-ro, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea   |   Business Registration Number: 127-81-32301   |   CEO: Kookjin Lim
TEL. 031-866-4602~3   |   FAX. 031-866-5156

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