Seamless BA Tube
The Seamless BA Tube of TRIS has been highly valued for more than 20 years in various fields, including automotive, instrumentation, petrochemical, shipbuilding and marine plants. Since 2009, TRIS has been supplying more than 500,000 GDI fuel rail pipes to Hyundai Motor for the first time in Korea. In addition, TRIS provides seamless BA tubes with superior quality for various Hydraulic control line and Instrumentation. From 2018, TRIS has supplied a customer required tubes of various Ni Alloy including super duplex that had developed through closed discussion with customers and supplied with short lead times. A small quantity also is available.
Instrumentation Automobile Petrochemical Shipbuilding
Steel grade
TP304/304L TP316/316L TP317L Duplex 2205 (S31803/S32205) Duplex 2207 (S32750) Duplex 2304 (S32304) SUS304/304L SUS310S SUS316/316L SUS317L SUS321H SUS347H Alloy600 (N06600) Alloy625 (N06625) Alloy800 (N08800) Alloy825 (N08825) Hastelloy C-276 Hastelloy C-22 Alloy 6Mo
Tube Size

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