About 40 kinds of gas are used in semiconductor production processes such as HF, NF​3, BF​3, ​SiCl​4​.

The quality of the gas transfer tube is very important because 99.999999999%
high purity is required for hydrogen fluoride used in the Nano size fine process.

Since UHP (Ultra High Purity) tubes with high corrosion resistance as well as good internal roughness
and cleanliness are needed, TRIS provides tube OD size from 1/4inch to 60.33mm for
EP (Electro Polishing) process with high quality.

TRIS is a supplier to Samsung Electronics and INTEL through EP companies.

Since 2004, TRIS has been supplying more than 1 million meters of seamless clean BA tube every year.

Seamless Clean BA tube
Clean BA Welded Tube
Outer BA Welded Tube
Water Jacket BA Welded Tube

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